Photoproject by Oleksandr Zinevych and Daryna Dorohan

Stolen Life

Project in Haarlem

Who are we?

«For us, this project is an opportunity to transfer the word «war» from the usual words «weapons», «strategy» and «tactics» to another level: «love», «loss», «parents», «home», «family» to show how difficult it is to live in the conditions of war, the wars shouldn’t happen in XXI century! Our friends and relatives stood up for the defense of Ukraine from the first days of the large scale invasion. Beautiful good people are dying themselves and losing their sons, children, relatives.
The house is an image of everything that Ukrainians are losing, everything that russia is destroying. For us, art is a language that unites people all over the world regardless of gender, age and skin color. And this project is an opportunity to conduct a dialogue about the basis of a democratic society. About the usual and fundamental things that no one seems to be able to take away.. until those who think they can come and do it!»

#1. “Fallen Grandeur”

A beautiful blonde woman stands in front of what was once a majestic mansion, now reduced to rubble. Her elegance contrasts sharply with the chaos around her, a reminder of the fragility of beauty and prosperity in the face of war.Moshchun, Kyiv region. metal, 90×60 


#2. “Mother and Child.
Gaze of Hope”

The woman is holding her baby, standing amidst the ruins of their home. The baby, facing the camera, represents new life and hope, a stark contrast to the destruction that surrounds them. The mother’s protective embrace gives enduring strength of maternal love in the face of adversity. Moshchun, Kyiv region. metal, 90×60 

#3 “His Only Companion”


A little boy is keeping his dog on a loose leash as he knows that his only dear creature left alive will remain at his side — an unwavering companion in times of loss. Kyiinka, Chernihiv region. metal, 90×60



#4 “Inked Memories” 

A fragile woman adorned with tattoos stands before the rubble of her house. Each tattoo is a permanent reminder of her memories amidst the destruction of her physical world. Kyiinka, Chernihiv region. metal, 90×60 

#5 “Hostomel`s Last Stand”


A man stands defiantly in front of his destroyed home. His posture exudes a quiet strength and determination, embodying the spirit of a community that has withstood the brunt of conflict. His family is no longer with him, his business is gone, yet he refuses to be broken. Hostomel, Kyiv region. metal, 90×60 



#6 “Enduring Together” 

An elderly couple stands, hand-in-hand, facing the ruins of their home hit by russian rockets in March 2022. The intertwining of their fingers signify decades of love, stronger now than ever before; a shared history, now devastated against the backdrop of their shattered home, a silent witness to the horrors of conflict. Hostomel, Kyiv region. metal, 90×60 

#7 “Farewell to Childhood»

A young woman stands alone in front of the remains of her childhood room. The nakedness symbolises her vulnerability and loss, as she confronts a future forever altered by the scars of war. Kyiinka, Chernihiv regiosn. metal, 90×60 



Darina Dorogan

Author of the idea, producer of the project, actress, screenwriter and a volunteer.




Oleksandr Zinevich

Ukrainian photographer, actor, DOP, and a volunteer.