What can you do?

Together we can do a whole lot, and that's our goal.

Collecting goods

Of course we will be continuing the collection of goods, which will be taken in at Gierstraat 5, Haarlem.

There is a large number of things which we always need. In addition to these basics, we also occasionally have a list of priority items. This is due to the changing situation in the war.

The priority items are shown on our Instagram Page and the regular basic items are shown below.

Donating money

Although most of our organization is supported by volunteers, there are certain costs that are unavoidable. The fuel for transportation, for example, is a large cost item, and unfortunately not our only one. We also need money for the direct support of humanitarian organizations in Ukraine. We have also collected money and bought an ambulance, filled this with medical supplies and sent this to Ukraine. Donations can be made via our GoFundMe, a reliable crowdfunding site and/or Rasom organization official bank account NL92TRIO0320508692.

Become a volunteer

We can always use help for our organization and if you have a few hours free or more free time we would love to see you!

Please, send us the mail with your contacts at a info@rasom.nl and we will get back to you ASAP.

Project in Haarlem

Collecting goods and materials

At the Gierstraat 5 in Haarlem we accept donations. On our Instagram Page you can find lots of information about the high priority items we need.

The base list of items we need consist of painkillers and other medication freely available at a drugstore. Think of diarrhea pills and anti hayfever medication.

If you wish to donate food please ensure this is NOT packed in glass containers, as these may break in transit. Further we ask for food with a high calorie value – think of energy bars, milkshake meals, nuts, peanuts and dried fruit.

Finally we ask for soap and shampoo blocks NOT liquid soaps. This is due to the risk of leakage during transit.